Cloud Hosting Review

Hosting Cloud: or “Cloud”, the famous “cloud computing” widespread in the advertising lexicon. This type of accommodation consists of Let’s take a look from the customer’s point of view: you have a contract that binds you to a provider and you have no link, neither commercial nor legal, with the physical host of your website. You expose yourself to at least five types of major disadvantages.

> First consequence: if you want to change host, (usually for technical reasons, slow, often inaccessible site …) you lose your website (which is well hosted in the provider’s server) and you lose your domain name (which usually belongs to the provider in this case). You just keep the contents of the site, if they belong to you.

> Second consequence: if you want to change provider (most often because of lack of follow-up, the impossibility of evolution or so too expensive …) the same, you lose your site and your domain name, since it is at your service provider and that you have no contract with the physical host. A new provider can not enter the previous server to migrate the site … Technically it’s hacking, receiving and stealing data …

> Third consequence: if in addition you have signed a contract with monthly plans over several years (again it is common) you must go to the end to hope to go out … and always without your website.

> Fourth consequence: if the contract with the service provider is in your name and not that of your

company (general case), if you stop your activity, you will have to pay the remaining monthly payments (besides the site remains online generally until the total payment)

> Fifth possible consequence: this is the worst consequence, the claimant goes bankrupt or stops his activity. When the contract is no longer renewed between the physical host and the IT provider, the server is reset and all that is above disappears, starting with your website and your domain name (which will become public after 6 months in general) … and you have no recourse.

As a result, we can say that in this system, not only do you become a “captive” client, but you also take great risks.

To avoid these pitfalls with sometimes disastrous consequences (case of e-merchant sites whose operators have had to start from scratch) you must imperatively find yourself in the following diagram:

You have an accommodation on your behalf with a physical host and you can at the same time delegate to a web provider the realization of your website.

A good criterion to determine the seriousness of the provider: he offers you to take with you and in your name, your accommodation with a physical host in France.

There, you are “owner of your hosting and your domain name”

Then you give him the access codes to your accommodation and he will install the technical base of your website.

A domain name reserved for your name

As we have just seen, it is imperative that the domain name be reserved for your name.

In practice, this reservation takes place most of the time at the same time as the accommodation contract. If it’s in your name, the domain name will follow.

If you have a domain name already reserved elsewhere, make sure that it is properly reserved to your name and transferable to your accommodation.

A datacentre in France

We specify it all the same because with some free offers or at very low prices, we find that the sites are installed in Europe (even in the world) to take advantage of commercial opportunities with datacentres that “sold out” their available spaces to make their server farm more profitable.

Keep in mind that search engines geographically locate your website: you can have a domain in “.fr” and written in French, if the server is in Hungary, for the search engine you are first on the Hungarian territory.

Warning: the referencing of your website starts here. The fact that it is abroad is not blocking in itself, but the forefront of the search engine is based on geography. For example, the same site hosted in France and Hungary: for requests in France, the site hosted in France will be much better than the same site hosted in Hungary.

In absolute terms, a site is hosted in the territory where the audience is sought.

Shared hosting

As we saw above, in the vast majority of cases, shared hosting (or also called shared hosting) is very sufficient. It is a very good value.

Services that make the difference

The services provided by the host are very important:

> Fast intervention of the host in case of concern: in case of malfunction you must be able to count on a very fast intervention with real solutions.

> Migration of your data: you must be able to transfer your domain name and migrate your data to another host if necessary. This is a technical constraint that all web hosts do not offer.

In summary, you must choose your host on objective technical criteria

  • Direct contract with a physical host in France
  • Shared hosting offering good maintenance services.
  • A domain name transferable to another host if necessary

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