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Study of the US Fatcow Host

FatCow is an American web host from New Mexico (USA). Founded in 1998, Fatcow has acquired over the years a valuable experience in the hosting market.

The host US Fatcow was initially known thanks to its shared offer: for 49 dollars per year you have a hosting package and domain name and a large amount of promotions for other services ( including 50 dollars of advertising on social networks). Today, they have expanded their offer and remain among the best current accommodation sites.

In this article, we will review with you the offers offered by Fatcow to help you choose your next host. Shared accommodation for small sites? Dedicated servers? We will present the main features, reviews and reviews. If you want to react, comment or share your accommodation experience at Fatcow, do not hesitate. We count on your opinions to help the next webmasters in their choice of accommodation!

Description of the offer panel

Mutual offers: analysis of proposed offers at Fatcow

Fatcow offers shared hosting. This service, available for $ 49 annually is primarily designed for owners of new websites and small business owners who want an Internet presence. The many advantages offered during the purchase are nevertheless to be considered with tweezers. Remember that nothing is free and read the terms of use carefully.

In theory, Fatcow offers unlimited disk space. If you read the terms of use carefully, you will see that this is not entirely true. If you are among the 0.05% of users who consume the most hard disk / bandwidth, you will be asked to upgrade your offer and move to a more powerful offer (and therefore more expensive). Attention, if this is your case, you will have only 48 hours to upgrade, otherwise your site will be put temporarily offline!

Except this case, 99.95% of customers will be satisfied. In short, unless you have a site really too greedy, you will not have problems with the teams of Fatcow. For this price, other players in the sector offer high quality solutions. At the moment (end of 2014), we advise you to consult Yahoo offers that has launched in the area of hosting quite recently and seems to manage to convince many customers (See our article on the hosting at Yahoo!)

Dedicated hosting offers

Fatcow offers different possibilities for dedicated hosting.

The basic solution is available for 119 dollas (about 100 euros / month currently). For this price, you will have a dual core with 4Gb of RAM and 5TB of bandwidth.

For 30 dollars more, you can double each of these features: 4 cores, 8GB of RAM and 10TB, In short, if you are considering a dedicated server at Fatcow, we advise you to opt directly for the Professional offer that offers a good better value for money than the startup offer.

This offer should cover the needs of most medium to large sites. For even greater needs, the enterprise offering ($ 191 / month) further enhances the capabilities of your server.

Dedicated hosting offers are reputed to be reliable and of high quality. Nevertheless, they are not particularly cheaper than the offers offered by Fatcow’s competitors. Ikoula, for example, offers dedicated offers for much less money with the same RAM capabilities (see our recent article on ikoula dedicated servers).

EDIT: Do not hesitate to check our ranking of dedicated server offers!

General characteristics and generalities

Like many other web hosts, Fatcow offers domain names, e-mail addresses, php and databases (Mysql “unlimited”). Unlike most hosting services where you get cPanel to control your website, fatcow offers a customizable control panel. For beginners, the integrated use of a CMS installation software is very easy to use and allows you to quickly create a website.

You’ll also mention: FTP access to your website, and the support network is able to help you by phone or live chat.


Even if on the hosting market, Fatcow is not the one offering the most different offers, it remains an interesting US host. It has a reputable support, a simple pricing, a vocabulary understandable for the customer, and a remarkable simplicity for the webmaster.

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