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I recently told you about Lokoz, a shared host of quality, low-cost in its rates and perfect for SEOs (up to 100 class C IP addresses available for its sites). Today, I’m going to talk to you about SiteGround, a web host I’ve been enjoying for a while.

Founded in 2004 and based in 6 countries (USA, Netherlands, Spain, England, Bulgaria and Singapore), the company has more than 400 employees and hosts more than 1,700,000 websites.

3 plans to choose from for shared hosting

In addition to having sites that work well, the offers for shared hosting GrowBig and GoGeek are very reasonable:

Important note (and not put forward in a legible way): the first year is really attractive but beware renewals are much more expensive. The more years pass, the more I feel that the gap between the initial fee and the renewal fee is growing. Personally, I did not have a price increase for the same service because I upgraded my account twice the first 2 years. So be careful about it.

My use of SiteGround

I first opted for the GrowBig plan at € 7.95 per month (€ 95.40 per year), which comfortably accommodates ten sites for a total of 20 GB and a traffic of 25,000 visitors per month. month. I was satisfied but my use of more and more important encouraged me to go to the GoGeek plan to € 11.95 per month (€ 143.40 per year) to be more comfortable on the web traffic.

In time, I added new sites and some became important, so I had to go to the next level by opting for a cloud plan that is much more expensive but very powerful. I pay 680 € every 6 months. I am currently hosting 40 sites, most of which have good traffic, which comes to € 34 / site / year.

Speed servers

SiteGround has servers on three continents: Europe (Amsterdam and London), Asia (Singapore) and North America (Chicago), in order to deliver good speed of access.


To further improve speed around the world, SiteGround makes it easy to use CloudFlare’s CDN for all of its sites (added from cPanel in one click).

Cache plugin

Finally, we can even use the cache plugin created by the host: SG CachePress which is 100% free.


SiteGround uses cPanel, the control panel that is the easiest to use and the most used to manage its sites. From this space, you can easily manage all domains and subdomains, their files (instead of using an external FTP client), their databases, email accounts and more.

SiteGround has also enriched it with useful applications, whether external or internal: Softaculous (one-click installations), SpamExperts (email spam filtering), CloudFlare (CDN), automatic updates of plugins for WordPress and Joomla, Staging environment …


Although it is a shared hosting, user accounts are well isolated and perfectly secure so that an attack on another user does not affect others.

It is also very nice to know that the host makes a daily backup of all sites and saves thirty on its servers.

Last but not least: SiteGround offers the possibility to make an automatic WordPress update and plugins, handy to avoid this kind of common flaws.


SiteGround knew how to take the WordPress turn when it was necessary and it made one of its specialties. Its accommodations are now perfectly optimized to accommodate the CMS and make it work optimally:

WordPress installation in one click

use of Cache Cache SG plugin

using the CloudFlare CDN

run tests with WordPress Staging

quality support with WordPress experts

automatic updates

automatic backups


As I said above, the support offered by SiteGround is excellent. Although it’s in English, it’s one of the best I’ve ever experienced so far (with Monarobase and Easy Hoster). The few tickets I opened were answered and resolved very quickly, all in good humor and pro manner. Support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by chat, phone or ticket.

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